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The diet prescription

The diet prescriptions are now at the heart of a novel study supported by the NIH that is challenging the status of quo of Type 2 diabetes prevention and treatment.
Projecrt teaches shoppers how to count carbohydrates.
HOW to shop smart
1.CREALS 100% whole gains is best.

3.yogurt Choose Greek, which has less sugar and more protein than most sweetened kinds




Jody Waters’ 54-Pound Weight Loss: ‘I Love the Way I Feel After an Amazing Walk or Jog’

She started drinking four to five 24-ounce bottles of water daily and I really noticed a change in her skin, too.

four to five 24-ounce bottles of water!!!

Jody said,

My “a-ha!” moment was realizing it really is about intake (calories) and output (exercise). Maintenance is a one-day-at-a-time process and doing something healthy for myself daily will pay off. I cleanse and exfoliate my skin daily, make time for myself to relax, and enjoy cooking healthy meals for family

Skin care is as important as diet .






Beauty teas aren’t exactly new, but ones that concentrate on the very specific goal of flattening your stomach are currently stealing the spotlight.
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London teens invented condoms that detect STD

According to BBC, the rubber, called S.T.EYE, detects pathogens that cause certain STDs and reacts to bacteria present in an infection — turning green for chlamydia, purple for genital warts, blue for syphilis and yellow for herpes.


live longer

Top cancer doctor: Do these things to live longer
According to Dr. David Argus ,don't forget about the little things that you can do on daily basis to increase your odds.

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